Welcome to BEAAQONS

Welcome to Biomedical Engineering in Advanced Applications of Quantum, Oscillatory, and Nanotechnological Systems (BEAAQONS)

Attention! The BEAAQONS lab is seeking graduate students, postdocs or research assistants with a background in chemistry! Contact us today!

The BEAAQONS cellular nanoprobe lab is headed by Dr. Jay Louise Nadeau, a biophysicist with expertise in semiconductor synthesis, ion channels, and selective labelling of cells in culture, organisms, and the environment - including extreme environments such as the Canadian High Arctic. While at NASA, she was one of the first to identify toxic effects of semiconductor nanoparticles (quantum dots) on bacteria and mammalian cells. Currently funded by the EPA and the Canadian government, she has built a group to specifically address the following questions:

  • How do size, material composition, and surface coat affect the toxicity of nanoparticles?
  • How do these data translate into real-life recommendations for use and disposal of commonly-used nanomaterials?
  • Can the toxic properties of nanomaterials be exploited to create anti-cancer drugs, particularly those for photodynamic therapy (PDT) of skin and lung cancers?
  • Can nanoparticles be used to identify and quantify bacteria in the environment and to eliminate pathogens?

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