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Seminar series

The regular BME seminars are normally held on Wednesday afternoons at 13:00 in room 333 of the Duff Building.

Speakers include invited guests as well as students enrolled in course BMDE-500, Seminars in biomedical engineering.

The seminars are organised by Dr. C. Grova.

Schedule, 2011 Fall – 2012 Winter

Date Speaker Supervisor/host Title
Sep 14 Dr. R. Mongrain Dr. C. Grova Design of vascular implants
Sep 21 Dr. P. Pouliot Dr. C. Grova Nonlinear hemodynamic responses in human epilepsy: a multimodal analysis with fNIRS-EEG and fMRI-EEG
Sep 28 M. Berrada Dr. R. Leask Medical device from proof of concept to commercialization
Oct 5 Y. Zerouali Dr. C. Grova Reconstruction of synchronous neural networks using EEG/MEG signals
Oct 12 Dr. S. Baillet Dr. C. Grova Investigating the dynamics of the resting brain with time-resolved MEG imaging
Oct 19 Dr. E. Hamel Dr. C. Grova Neuronal networks in the hemodynamic responses to increased neuronal activity
Oct 26 Dr. D. Hudson K. Jalaleddini The intersection of technology and medicine: Personal healthcare in the 21st century
Nov 2 Dr. A. Gramfort Dr. C. Grova Ill-posed problems in brain imaging: From MEG source estimation to resting-state networks and decoding with fMRI
Nov 9 N. Maftoon Dr. R. Funnell Verification and validation of mathematical models
Nov 16 Dr. L. Koski Dr. C. Grova Transcranial magnetic stimulation: Basic methods, variants, and clinical applications
Nov 23 Dr. C. Mark Dr. B. Pike Biophysical modelling of human brain physiology in functional magnetic resonance imaging
Nov 30 Dr. M. Dehaes Dr. C. Grova Potential of bedside CMRO2 to assess and monitor neonatal brain health
Dec 8 Dr. G. Blohm Dr. H. Galiana Stochastic reference frame transformations affect multi-sensory perception and action
Jan 11 Dr. J. Landers Dr. H. Galiana Integrated microfluidic systems for genetic analysis: Exploiting the microscale for ultrafast forensic and clinical DNA interrogation
Jan 25 Dr. E. Perreault Dr. H. Galiana Systems approaches for understanding and restoring the control of human arm function
Feb 8 Dr. B. Pike Dr. H. Galiana TBD
Feb 22 Dr. S. Prakash Dr. H. Galiana TBD
Mar 7 R. Thompson Dr. D. Bobyn TBD
Mar 21 I. Sulemanhkil Dr. S. Prakash TBD
Mar 28 S. Neupane Dr. A. Shmuel TBD
Apr 4 Dr. A. Adamantidis Dr. C. Grova TBD
Apr 11 Dr. J.C. Adad Dr. C. Grova 7T MRI of the healthy and pathological cerebral cortex

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